Traditions in Ermion

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Culture & Tradition

Traditions in Ermion



Elves are fairly laid back with greetings. With family, friends or elders, clasping hands and pressing your free palm to the back of their hand


Weddings are a happy, social occasion, officiated by a member of a local council, with commoner marriages having the custome of each guest donating a gift for a home that the couple will settle in. It's seen as the community's responsibility to provide the basics for a new life for them. And when they settle, they will do the same for the next couple to wed.

For richer/ Noble elves, the wedding must have the consent of the Tel’Nedle, and officiated by at least a member or a past member of the Grand Council.


The elven burial custom is one that is rumored to be taken inspiration from the Desert Elves. The body is cremated and their ash is mixed with fertile soil. Tree seeds are planted in the mix, and a plant grows anew from death.

Richer families can afford to have private family forests, but most elves are buried with their communities in small woodland areas or even in gardens.

Misc. Customs


Children take care of and live with their elderly parents and in turn the grandparents help raise any children in the house. It's common for elven children to grow up with both parents and one set of grandparents either living with them or nearby.


It's not seen as acceptable to swear unless it's in an older elvish dialect. The assumption is that children and foreigners won't know how crude you're being.

Safe in that certainty, they swear like sailors.

Public Habits

Elves don't like being idle, so it's customary to see people sitting in public knitting.


It's rare to see an elven household without some sort of pet, usually a smart pet of some kind, cats and rats being popular. The pets often end up with little clothes being knitted for them in winter.