Empire of Falamoore

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The Empire of Falamoore
Sigil of the Royal Family
Base information
LanguagesFaloorian, Bretmyrian, Elvish, Dwarvish
CurrencyImperial Silver Dragoons
State religionFalism
PopulationEstimated 1,219,000
Area26,893,125 sq mi (included water)
Government classAbsolute Monarchy
Monarchs (see List of Faloorian Monarchs), August II Falian
LegislatureThe Dragoncouncil, Imperial Parliment
De Jure landsAernika, Ermion, Khaz Ankor

The Empire of Falamoore (also known by Falamoore, The Faloorian Empire or The Empire) is the largest united realm in Eldas, and the known world. It is a massive, continent spanning empire founded in 35 a.a by Ascan I Falian after his conquest of Aernika and Ermion. Since that day the empire has been governed fully by the emperors and empresses of the Falian family.

History of Falamoore

(This section is a summary of important events in Faloorian history. For a more detailed read, see History of Falamoore.)

The Political Structure of Falamoore

(This is a short description of the political power structure in Falamoore. For a more detailed read, see Faloorian Politics.)

Religion in Falamoore

(This section is a summary of key notes and sections about the faith in Falamoore. See The Falistic Faith and The Imperial Chantry.)

Faloorian Military

Culture and Tradition

(This section is a summary of key points and notes regarding culture & tradition in Falamoore, For a more detailed read, see Culture & Traditions in Falamoore)


(This section is a short description of the languages in Falamoore. For more details, see Languages.)