Monarchy of Falamoore

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The monarchy of the Empire of Falamoore, commonly referred to as the Faloorian Crown, is the absolute monarchy which governs and rules in the Empire of Falamoore. The holders title is "Emperor" (male) or "Empress" (female). The current Emperor and sovereign of Falamoore is HIRM August II Falian whom ascended to the throne after the death of his father, Emperor Excellion II.

The sovereign and his or her direct family have various official, ceremonial, diplomatic, military, religious and representational duties within the Empire. As the monarchy is absolute, the monarch has full authority over the political and military reins of Falamoore, while only partially in control of the religious duties, as most of those go to the Divine Vigil. The monarch is the supreme leader of the Faloorian military and the foremost political authority with the power to veto any laws enacted by the Dragoncouncil or any of his or hers subject states.