History of Falamoore

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History of Falamoore

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Culture & Tradition

Falamoore is the oldest united realm in Eldas, and possibly in the known world

First Era

The first era, best known generally as the Golden Age of Falamoore, is the time between 0000 a.a leading all the way to the orc invasion of Falamoore in 993 a.a, which is generally acknowledged as the end of the Golden Age, and the start of the Era of Change. The first era is referred to as the Golden Age because of the array of good Emperors and Empresses that reigned the empire, the uprising of the faith and the massive land expansions into what then was considered elven and dwarven lands.

Ascan and the War of Unification

In 0000 a.a a human male was born to the Redcrestian woman Dorothea and her husband Arran, the child was called Ascan, and little did the two normal human couple know that within 35 years, their son would raise large armies to his name and unify the current Kingdom of Aernika, and what is now considered a core section of the empire he later founded, the great Empire of Falamoore. Ascan would after the demise of his parents raise large amounts of men to lead on what he called a blessed cause to unite the land under one rule, he was a renowned warrior, and respected diplomat among all the people of Eldas, and later to be raised to godhood by the newly stated faith and the church authority of Falamoore, The Imperial Chantry.

The Falistic Uprising

The Falistic uprising was a shortlived war in Falamoore in the year 563 a.a, it lasted from 18th of June until the 15th of August, it was a short decisive war for the uprising as Cortez Emilio II officially issued a public order of surrender to all his fighting forces on the 13th of August, the demands of the falistic uprising was enforced on the 15th, and the official peace documents were signed.

The uprising was started by a large, fanatical cult known as the Order of Ascan. The cult sent their demands to the emperor, demanding to be acknowledged by the Dragoncouncil and the emperor as the de facto state religion for Falamoore, as it had none previously, the emperor declined using his royal veto, specifying that it was unacceptable for Falamoore to force faith upon the populace.

After a few months of fighting against the guerilla style warfare of the cult, the emperors only daughter was captured in a skirmish on Redcrest, the emperor was forced to surrender to the demands of the cult.

As a result of the uprising, the Imperial Chantry was founded and granted several authorities, although the emperor did not bend to the new pantheon for a few generations, until emperor Marzellius I allowed the Divine Vigil to preform his coronation ceremony, after that it became a tradition for the emperor to be a Falist.

Fawhorne Rebellion

The year is 691 a.a, General Uzael Fawhorne has returned home to Redcrest after leading Emperor Ascan III's troops in a war against the newly formed eastern kingdom Chemor

Second Era

Founding of the Parliment

During the reign of Emperor Marzellus II, in the second era of Falamoore. Great political turmoil arose within the realm as minor lords in Falamoore, specifically the citizens of Aernika, the political turmoil was caused due to decisions made by the current seated Dragoncouncil after several shady and questionable choices made by said council.

So in the year 1264 a.a, Marzellus II put forth a suggestion in the Dragoncouncil to form a new link in the political chain for Falamoore, a gathering of the 'common' people of Falamoore, and allow them a voice in the political say that the Dragoncouncil usually covered, but to no avail his suggestion was turned down. Marzellus used his political power to override the judgement of his sitting Dragoncouncil in regards of the decision, however so did the Council, and by vetoing the emperor, they had to step down as members of the council, as was the law manifested by Aurellian I and his Council, and through having to step down, they were no longer in a possition to veto the Emperor, and he overrid the next council and formed the Imperial Parliment.

The war of Magic

1527 a.a

Third Era

Reign of Emperor Ariallus

2225 a.a

Fourth Era

Reign of Emperor Excellion II

Reign of Emperor August II Falian

On the 20th of June, in the year of 3037 a.a, three years after the death of emperor Excellion II, his youngest son, August was coronated Emperor of Falamoore, after three years of Dragoncouncil regency and High Chancellor posing as the highest authority until the young child was able to be coronated and take up the responsibilities behind the title 'Emperor of Falamoore', and by the time August was coronated the populace was skeptical about another emperor, especially the son of the less successful emperor Excellion II, who ushered Falamoore into a fall, almost destroying the Imperial Dragoons value, provoking the ire of the Imperial Chantry almost having the nation break out into civil war, alas he died before that could happen.

Fourth Crusade

Dewynter Rebellion