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Bretmyrian is the regional language of Bretmyre, the Empire's neighbor to the west. The language is considered more similar to High Faloorian than Low Faloorian and, when used outside of Bretmyre, is considered a high-class or "noble" language. The written form is often written in a single stroke, with very few reasons to lift a pen from paper when linking letters and words together.


The Bretmyrian language is constructed in a subject-pronoun-verb-adverb-article-noun-adjective format, with exception for questions, which are constructed verb-pronoun-subject-article-noun-adjective. The language is not standardized the same way that Faloorian is, but it is taught in one standard format when taught in schools and universities outside of Bretmyre.

Bretmyrian is written with the same letters as Faloorian, but the actual writing itself within Bretmyre is often with words and letters linked together in one continuous script.

Northern Bretmyrian

Northern Bretmyrian is the dialect spoken primarily in the City of Bretmyre and the surrounding regions. It is the closest to “standard Bretmyrian,” or what is taught in schools, though it tends to be identifiable by a strong accent of the region. The dialect is more formal than in other areas and is the most identifiably Bretmyrian when speakers are speaking in Faloorian. It tends to prioritize the beauty and elegance of the language above practicality in most cases. In practice, many people speak with the beauty and elegance but simplify it to fit everyday use, since overly formal language is difficult to maintain for common use.

Southern Bretmyrian

Southern Bretmyrian is the dialect spoken primarily in southern Bretmyre, particularly in the desert and by the resident desert elves. It is more similar to Elvish than Northern Bretmyrian, and has a lot less focus on the elegance of the language and more on the practicality. The words tend to be linked together even more than Northern Bretmyrian, with entire sentences sounding like one continuous word to non-speakers. There is no specific written form, and it is often used interchangeably with Elvish when in the area.

Foreign Speakers

Non-Bretmyrian Bretmyrian speakers often have trouble incorporating themselves into communities of native Bretmyrian speakers due to the very insular form of the language. The most common non-Bretmyrian speakers of the language are elves because of the similarity to their own language, academics and merchants from Llyn as it incorporates into their work, and upper class people from Redcrest.