Ascan I Falian

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Asumed portrait of Ascan I Falian
Reign7th of March, 0035 a.a
Coronation9th of March, 0035 a.a
PredecessorOffice established
Heir apparentCortez Emilio I
Full titleHis Imperial and Royal Majesty, Ascan of the House Falian, first of his name, Emperor of Falamoore, King of Aernika, Sovereign of the Empire, Lord of Redcrest City and the Isle.
Full nameAscan I Falian
Born 1st of December, 0000 a.a
SpouseEvaasha Tÿaan
IssueCortez Emilio I, Thim Falian, Joanna Falian
ResidenceFalian Keep, Redcrest
Family / HouseHouse Falian